Thursday, August 18, 2016

My friend says I'm crazy

Just thought I ought to catch you up on what I'm doing.

I'm knee-deep in costume sewing for WorldCon / Mid-America Con II. Now, I've never been to a Worldcon before. and given the steep price, I hadn't planned on going to this one even though it is in my home town of Kansas City for the first time since the 1970s. But......
Then I saw who the artist guest of honor was.

Kinuko Craft!! My favorite children's book illustrator!

Okay, I guess that means I'll go if I can get one of my books autographed. So I signed up for the installment plan and had a year to look forward to it.

Of course I started thinking about costumes.

Of course I should do a costume from one of her books. Hmmmm... which one?

I know! Cinderella! The most outrageous, over-the-top dress of all time!

But I have a year to do it in, right?  (rolls eyes)
So I started collecting fabric, since I knew this was going to be an expensive project.

 I found the perfect orange/gold iridescent organza on ebay for a very good price. And some lace from

Add some gold satin, light gold glitter tulle and a boat-load of lace trim and I was in business!

More in the next post...

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