Saturday, March 7, 2015

Figments and Filaments 2014

I know...I have been very lax about posting my costumes. Mea culpa.
Since my sister asked where my pics were, I decided to catch up a little.
So here are pics from a brand new costume convention that started up in the Midwest - Figments and Filaments. 2014 was the premiere year. I went because I absolutely adored some of the guests of honor. (Especially the lady who does the Gothic Charm School website!)

Anyway, on to the costumes...

I didn't make anything new for this one, but I got to wear a good variety.
I entered the fashion show with the game character costume that I made for Naka-Kon.(Photo taken by Chelci Gearhiser)

Got a really great photo of my 18th century dress. (Photo by ImageCollectors)

Here's me and Jennifer talking to people about our local chapter of the International Costumers' Guild.

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