Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet Lolita, or Anime Convention day III

On the third day of the convention, I did a green and white sweet lolita style.
Sweet lolita is the most popular and well-known of the lolita styles.
Think Madame Alexander doll dresses on real girls.

Sweet, young, lacy and pretty.

I didn’t need a pattern for the skirt. A simple circle skirt would do. But what about a top?
I looked through my stash of patterns and found this one from Simplicity - 

I used a pretty mint green & white cotton to make the version shown in blue above.

I had some various white cottons at home, so I cut out a circle skirt the length of the petticoat I had purchased on line. I found some fabric made of alternating strips of lace and eyelet, so I made an under layer around the bottom. Then I pinned the top layer up in swags, sewed them in place and trimmed the whole thing with a green ribbon to match the sleeve bows.

Then I made an Alice bow out of the mint green fabric, some lace and the emerald green ribbon. Sewed it to a headband & voila!

Oh, I also wore my early 18th century reproduction shoes (the style is called "Pompadour") from American Duchess. They are painted green and white.

And I didn’t even remember until a few days before that it would be St. Patrick’s Day when I was planning on wearing it. Happy accident with the colors!
Sorry there’s no professional shots of this one. The photographer wasn’t there the day I wore it.

 I got professional photos! I wore the outfit to Costume Con 31 this weekend and was able to get pics. (From FantaScenes Photography...great guys!)


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